Products And Services

Our Specialties

We make exotic furniture and crafts using exotic hard and soft wood from the beautiful Amazon Rainforest.

Large Tables

Live-edge and with or without epoxy designs, our larger tables stand out immediately in any room.

Small Tables

Coffee tables, side tables, or just a smaller center table, we can design to your exact specifications.

Small Crafts

From cutting boards to clocks, if you can think of it we can create it. Don't hesitate to ask to see what we are capable of!

Doors & Frames

Doors, frames, windows, and mirror frames are some of the other wood based crafts we offer.


An exotic wooden counter-top or bar-top is the modern way to add a touch of nature to any space.


A wooden or live edge shelf can create a unique outdoor sense.


Blade Service

Dull blade? Bring it in for sharpening and maintenance today.

Wood prepping

Wood planing, treatment, and other wood preparation techniques are offered on-site at our location.

Wood-Mizer® Shop

Official OEM Wood-Mizer® parts and supplies for sale. Ask for pricing.